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annual general meeting 2018

10.00am on Sunday, 9 December 2018 at the Banquet Hall

1.  Notice of the Annual General Meeting

Notice Of The Annual General Meeting

2.  Financial Statements for the financi

Financial Statement for the financial year ended 30 June 2018

3.  President's Message.pdf_page_1.jpg

President's Message

4.  Report of General Committee 2018.pdf

Report of The General Committee

5.  Annual Report 2018.pdf_page_001.jpg

Annual Report 2018

6.  Tender Committee Report 2018.pdf_pag

Tender Committee Report

7.  Audit Committee Report 2018.pdf_page

Audit Committee Report 2018

8.  Turnaround Committee (TAC) Report 20

Turnaround Committee (TAC) Report 2018

9.  Legal Committee Report 2018.pdf_page

Legal Committee Report 2018

10. Constitutional Review Committee Repo

Constitutional Review Committee Report 2018

7a. Reponse to the Audit Committee Repor

Response to the Audit Committee Report 2018

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