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Badminton, game for two or four players using lightweight rackets and a shuttlecock, a cork ball fitted with stabilizing feathers. Players hit the shuttlecock back and forth over a net, trying to keep it from hitting the ground. Some people play badminton outdoors on a level grassy area or beach. however, tournament-level badminton is played indoors on a specially marked court.

Instructor : Mr Yap Yee Hup


Time : 7.00am - 4.00pm 

Time : 1pm - 3.00pm

Time : 9.00am - 11.00am

Time : 1pm - 3.00pm

Fees(RM per month/ lesson)
Indvidual RM65.00 per hour(Chief Coach)
              RM50.00 per hour(Other Coach)

            Group of 2 persons hourly RM45.00 per hour(Chief Coach)
.00 per hour(Other Coach)

                     Group of 3 persons hourly
 RM40.00 per hour(Chief Coach)                         RM28.00 per hour(Other Coach)

                     Group of 4-5 persons hourly
 RM35.00 per hour(Chief Coach)                         RM25.00 per hour(Other Coach)

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